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I (John) wrote these when I was probably 15. I was big into D&D back then and thought I'd share them so you could drop them in your campaign if you wanted. Highlight the text for the answers.

Its forms are seen as thrice,
as water, steam and ice.
no beauty can entice,
nor sword into can slice.

Tis always moving,
and ne'er sleeping,
sometimes flying,
sometimes creeping.

Tells, but not with a tongue so bold.
Keep if you wish, you will not hold.
Spent or bought, and sometimes is sold,
to some costs naught, to some tis gold.

Answer in invisotext: Time

Found in tomes
of ancient lore,
Man always combs
for ever more.

Answer in invisotext: Knowledge

Caused Prometheus's blight,
wards against the night,
steel strikes pyrite,
gives wolves fright.

Answer in invisotext: Fire

Slows time to a halt,
Destroyed by salt.
Mountains it cleaves,
as slowly it leaves.

Answer in invisotext: Ice

I'm often held, yet rarely touched,
I'm always wet, yet never rust.
I'm sometimes wagged and sometimes bit,
to use me well, you must have wit.

Answer in invisotext: Tongue

A man of a hundred stood out in the cold,
exchanged his gay headdress of colors most bold.
For one of pure ivory, just now a day old.
But, though freshly dressed the man stood alone in the cold,
it was his misfortune to live on a wold.

Answer in invisotext: Tree

There's someone that I'm always near,
Yet in the dark, I disappear.
To this one only, am I loyal;
alas, in his wake I'm doomed to toil.
He feels me not, though we always touch;
If I were lost, he'd not lose much.
And now I come to my surprise,
For you are he - but who am I?

Answer in invisotext: Shadow

I've little strength but mighty powers,
I guard small hovels and great towers.
But if perchance my master leaves,
He must ensure he safeguards me.

Answer in invisotext: Key

The floor's on top, the roof's beneath,
and from this place I rarely leave.
Yet with the passing of each day,
a new horizon greets my gaze.

Answer in invisotext: Ha, I don't remember the answer!

From setter's hand,
can be baited,
always planned,
mostly hated.

Answer in invisotext: Trap

A garden that brings forth naught,
skulls are the seeds and blood is rain.
With sweat and pain the garden is wraught,
while men of power, get the grain.

Answer in invisotext: Battlefield or War

Space Marines on patrol

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